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Terms of Reference of the MABS-Symposia

as adopted at Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1994 by the MABS Executive Committee
Reviewed by MABS Executive Committee September 20th 2016

Technical Scope

  1. MABS Symposium is an unclassified conference of primarily military scientists and engineers and their consultants, and all papers should be prepared with this audience in mind.

  2. The primary interest of the Symposium lies in phenomenology and damage studies of shock and blast involving explosive events.

  3. An essential feature of papers considered for presentation, therefore, is that they either be descriptive of such events or should illustrate techniques for the simulation of their effects. Such simulations could consist of studies using explosive charges, shock tubes, blast simulators, other loading devices, or computational and analytical methods.

  4. The military nature of the proceedings does not preclude the acceptance by the organizers of papers arising from a civil event or catastrophe.

 Administration and General Control

  1. The MABS Symposium shall be controlled by the "MABS Executive Committee" which will consist of the original organizing members and nominated representatives from each country who have hosted a MABS conference. The Committee shall meet at each Symposium under the chairmanship of the host country.
  2. The Symposium include a technical session introduced by an invited lecture, the J.J. Meszaros Memorial Lecture. An invited speaker may introduce each conference session to highlight the importance of the topic discussed. The organisation of workshops and poster sessions is the responsibility of the host Country.
  3. All technical papers should be prepared keeping in mind the interests of the audience specified in paragraph 1, Technical Scope, and while the Symposium language shall be English, the host country has the authority to offer simultaneous translation to French and/or German.
  4. The MABS Symposium is an unclassified conference of primarily military scientists and engineers and their consultants from the countries accepted by the MABS Executive Committee. Participation by any other country must be approved by all members of the MABS Executive Committee. Participants to MABS must be approved and/or sponsored by a recognized official point of contact of the country concerned. The host country has the right to refuse to accept or question the credentials of any participant. In addition, every participant must be a citizen of and possess a valid passeport of the country they represent. The host country has the right to accept variations to the above Guidelines.

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